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  • Data Types in Postgres

    1. Numeric Types 1.1. Integer Types 1.2. Arbitrary Precision Numbers 1.3. Floating-Point Types 1.4. Serial Types 2. Monetary Types 3. Character Types 4. Binary Data Types 4.1. bytea Hex Format 4.2. bytea Escape Format 5. Date/Time Types 5.1. Date/Time Input 5.2. Date/Time Output 5.3. Time Zones 5.4. Interval Input 5.5. Interval Output 6. Boolean Type 7. Enumerated Types 7.1. Declaration of Enumerated Types 7.2. Ordering 7.3. Type Safety 7.4. Implementation Details  Geometric Types 1. Points 2. Lines 3. Line Segments 4. Boxes 5. Paths […]

  • Top Database Software in the Market Mostly used by Organization.

    A List of 8 Popular Databases Database is the very vital part of any application.Implementation of the database can boost your application performance.According to the requirement and budget we often choose the database.In the below post we will discuss the advantages and limitation of the database. 1. Oracle 18c The Oracle Corporation¬† is maintain the […]

  • Different types of Command used in Structural Query Language(SQL)

    Different type of Command used in SQL basically categories by their functionality. These functions include building database objects, manipulating objects, populating database tables with data, updating existing data in tables, deleting data, performing database queries, controlling database access, and overall database administration.The following are the different types of command. The main categories are DDL (Data […]