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  • Difference Between JSON vs XML,How to use in the Programming Language.

    The JSON vs XML,And basically used in the Programming Language because of simplicity and structured data format.Basically JSON and XML format is useful in sending data over network between different web services because of its simplicity in representation of data. Those who are the new to these format they can try  for the xml because […]

  • Selenium Wait Implicit Wait Explicit Wait Fluent Wait

    Selenium Wait  Command is used in Selenium WebDriver to wait a particular amount of time defined by user.Selenium Wait can be divided into two categories Implicit wait and Explicit wait and another type of hybrid wait is Fluent Wait.In the implicit wait selenium WebDriver wait for a fixed amount of time before executing next command or […]

  • Polymorphism in Java Static Polymorphism/Compile time polymorphism vs Dynamic Polymorphism/Run time Ploymorphism

    Polymorphism in the java as the word poly means “More than one” and morph ism means “Functionality”  is also applicable in java,where the function behave the more than one way, With same function name and different parameter. For instance, let’s consider a class Animal and let Cat be a subclass of Animal. So, any cat […]

  • Access Modifiers in Java ,How Access Level Helps in Inheritance and Polymorphism

    In java their are 4 access modifiers public,protected,<default>,<package>,private Public-Public  is the access modifiers which shows the highest visibility any class member declare as public can be visible 1.Within the class. 2.Within the package. 3.Outside the package. Protected-Any class member declare as protected are visible 1.Within the class. 2.Within the package. 3.Out side the package but […]

  • Java Autoboxing and Unboxing with examples

    Java 1.5 introduced a special feature of auto conversion of primitive types to the corresponding Wrapper class and vice versa. Autoboxing: Automatic conversion of primitive types to the object of their corresponding wrapper classes is known as autoboxing. For example – conversion of int to Integer, long to Long, double to Double etc. Unboxing: It […]