Shell Scripting Conditional Statement

Conditional Statements: There are total 5 conditional statements available in the bash programming,Which can be implemented in the different situation in the bash/shell programming. if statement if-else statement statement (Else If ladder) if) switch statement if statement If statement is the simplest statement in the series.Where it is used to compare the two variable. […]

Unix / Linux – Shell Basic Operators

There are various operators supported by each shell. We will discuss in detail about Bourne shell (default shell) in this chapter.According to the operation performed on the operators it has been classified into the below types. We will now discuss the following operators − Arithmetic Operators Relational Operators Boolean Operators String Operators File Test Operators […]

Advanced Linux Commands to Make You Expert User

A alias The alias command is a way to keep your command /commands in a temporary variable. Unix commands using a shorter name than those that are usually associated with such commands. Syntax:alias shortName=”your custom command here”Example: alias wr=”cd /var/www/html” apt-get APT (Advanced Package Tool) is the command line tool to interact with this packaging system. There is already […]

How to Press or Fire Keyboard Event by Shell Scripting Technique

In most of the programming language the key press events are not comes as inbuilt feathers.At that point of time we need support of the shell scripting technique.In this post you will find the use and the different shortcut key available for this . For VB Shell Scripting Scripting we need to create the code […]