Installation of Python Version(2.7/3.*) in Windows

Installation of Pyhton Version(2.7/3.*) is very easy because of it GUI Installer.Which made the life simple for the programmer.For the installation of Pyhon we need to  follow the below steps.

If you are a beginner in python before choosing the version you can go through the post The Difference Between Pyhton 2.x and Python 3.x

Step 1:Download Python According to System Processor 

Depending on your system processor you have choose the appropriate exe file from the download page Link.

Step 2:Run the Package Installer & Setup the Python Executable Path

After downloading the python you need to install it in your system by double clicking it.During installation you need to setup few things without which you can face difficulties in future.

#Need to provide the installation path at the time of setup otherwise it will take the system default path.You have to create a folder named as PythonXX with post fix your version code. In my case i have created a folder Python37 for the python 3.7 version installation.As shown in the below image.

#Select Customize Installation.

#Add Pyhton 3.7 to PATH

#Check the options



Python Test Suite

#Give the Python37 Folder Location which you have created at first step.

Step 3:Open Command and Check the Installation

Open you command prompt and Type python -v in your command prompt .Now you can able to see the pyhton version installed in your system.If you don’t find the  pyton version installed in your system you might have skip some step from above please reinstall pyhton with above prerequisite or you can setup your python path manually as provided in the step #4.

Step 4:Setting Up Python Path in the environment variable.

Go to your my computer->Properties->Advance System Setting ->Go to advance Tab->Click on Environmental Variable .

You will find two section where you need to give your python installation location as shown in the image.

If you still find difficulties please comment below with your error code.And please do not forget to give your comment.

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