Category: VB Scripting

  • How to Press or Fire Keyboard Event by Shell Scripting Technique

    In most of the programming language the key press events are not comes as inbuilt feathers.At that point of time we need support of the shell scripting technique.In this post you will find the use and the different shortcut key available for this . For VB Shell Scripting Scripting we need to create the code […]

  • VBScript in Internet Explorer

    VBScript in Internet Explorer Here are simple steps to turn on or turn off VBScript in your Internet Explorer:  Follow Tools -> Internet Options from the menu  Select Security tab from the dialog box  Click the Custom Level button  Scroll down till you find Scripting option  Select Enable radio button […]

  • VB Script Syntax Basic

    YourFirstVBScript Let us write a VBScript to print out “Hello World”. <html> <body> <script language=”vbscript” type=”text/vbscript”> document.write(“Hello World!”) </script> </body> </html> In the above example, we called a function document.write, which writes a string into the HTML document. This function can be used to write text, HTML, or both. So, the above code will display […]

  • Features of VBScript

    This flowing post we will describe the Features of  VBScript.It stands for Visual Basic Scripting that forms a subset of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA is a product of Microsoft which is included NOT only in other Microsoft products such as MS Project and MS Office but also in Third Party tools such as AUTO […]